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workshops and events

workshops and events

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On these pages, wi highlights our workshops and events

On this page, we highlight our events that we are running true out the year. This is not only diving but moreover learning included as well, and we put our effort into making them extraordinary. For some, it will be experts attending, and for some not. The main thing is to extend our understanding of the topic. So if you think this could be something to look into? Just take a look at these pages and see if there is something you like, we are hoping to see you in Gulen.

Diving consists of more than water and air, at least as important is the great experience

Download the book of GULEN as PDF

The book will give you tons of information about our workshops and events, about our resort and what you can find and more, share it with your dive buddy’s as well. We hope it will give you inspiration for a trip to Gulen. Gulen Book PDF

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