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The Gulen area is home to a plethora of marine life.


We have our own “house” Wolffish on our house reef and you can see it on at regular intervals. This is a fish that has no natural enemies in our waters, but it is not as dangerous as appearance apparently dictates. It´s Blue color makes it easy to see, compared to our smaller species.

Stingray City

Seeing a big stingray cruise slowly above the bottom is both impressive and beautiful. They hunt for food near the bottom, and they’re usually found on sand. Their mottled pattern is perfect camouflage, and sometimes their eyes are the only thing giving them away. They are intelligent fish and often display interesting behavior. This is one of our most popular dive sites, located just 15 minutes away. It’s easy to reach and offers exciting encounters in almost any weather. The sandy bottom slopes from about 14 to 20+ meters, and stingrays are spotted on almost every dive. The stingrays are a beautiful sight when they glide gracefully over the bottom.


The megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis) is an unusual sight. It lives in deep water, but is often spotted at Stingray City.
The flashy dragonet is another fish very common on this site. The male exhibits splendid colors during mating season in early summer. If you are lucky you may find catfish or our type of shark that much like with tip shark in size. Not dangerous for human lives but very nosy. Our waters have a multitude of species with the same colors as in warmer water, come see for yourself …

Endless soft coral

If you thought the Norwegian west coast did not have coral reefs, think again! In many places where there are strong currents, the dead men’s fingers thrive.
They can form reefs stretching for hundreds of meters, completely covering the rocks on which they grow.
Above you very often have giant kelp swaying in the current, and it’s a spectacular experience to be rushed along the sparkling colors by the current!

Rainforest of the Sea

The kelp canyon is made up of millions of huge Laminaria kelp plants, which may reach a height of over two meters in certain planes.
It is the single most important habitat and ecosystem along the Norwegian coast, offering food and shelter to hundreds if not thousands of species. Don’t spend the entire dive hovering above this ever-moving kelp landscape – when you look underneath the canopy there’s a world of critters waiting for you!

Popular among underwater photographers

Underwater photographers are especially fond of the drift dives we do. The brilliant colors promise some spectacular footage, although it may be difficult to shoot stills if the current is strong… A GoPro is an excellent thing to bring on one of these dives!

  • Overview


    This package offers some excellent highlights. You get to dive into our best wrecks, which are so unique with their amazing history. Diving in kelp forests, with canyons and channels. Diving with stingrays and 1000m with soft coral in a furious drift dive and also diving on our amazing macro reef. Bring your friends or come alone, we promise you a breathtaking dive experience.

    Photo & Video

    Are you a photographer or like to shoot, you have unique opportunities. We have an average viz water at around 15-18m, where the winter months of December, January and February offer up to 35m. Detailed explanations before dives will give you the correct information needed to choose the right lens etc.


    You can dive into this package throughout the year with slight variations in viz, but favourable periods have very good visibility up to 30 meters + in the winter months Water temperature is highest in August with up to 22 Celsius and lowest in March with 6 Celsius.

  • The package includes:

    • Accommodation in shared twin rooms at Gulen Dive Resort
    • Dive trips
    • Tanks, weights and air for all dives
    • Detailed briefing
    • Social gathering with other enthusiasts
    • After diving in our "200BAR"
    Including all that stands on the page "Booking Conditions."

    The package does NOT include:

    • Nitrox
    • Flights/transfer/travel costs or dive equipment
    • Food (self-catering)

    The package can be extended with:

    • Gas: Nitrox, Trimix and deco gas cost
    • Equipment: Deco bottles and renting equipment
  • Rates and booking

    By default, we offer packages with different lengths of stay, but we are flexible if you want to make changes.

    If you wish to add extra dives or add days to your booking we will fix that as well.

    You will find the terms and conditions set on our Booking and Payment page.

    Use the form below to contact us, or use the this link to make your booking. You will get a  30% discount automatically on your booking total

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