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Wreck diving in Norway…

Wreck Diving in Norway

Wreck Diving in Norway

Join us for some wreck diving and explore some exciting wrecks.

German fighters were stationed at Herdla, and when the Allies managed to destroy the airport…

German fighters were stationed at Herdla, and when the Allies managed to destroy the airport, Allied bombers were free to attack the ship traffic that went north and south. After many hectic attacks, we now have more than 25 vessels that we can do wreck diving on. In addition, we have several great wrecks from the post-war period that we dive into regularly.

Our wrecks and wreck diving are spectacular, not only for diving but also because of the historical perspective. This is like diving into a time capsule, where you can explore and feel how everything happened. Day after day, will you visit this period we left long ago to see and discover new sides of the wrecks.

You will also get more in-depth briefings about the wrecks that help you put everything in perspective. After a week of Wreck diving, you know more about how the allied and the Norwegians fought to get control of this very important area. These events were a turning point for how the war ran for us as Norwegian.

We will happily host you on our wreck diving and give you an unforgettable positive dive experience.

Planning Wreck diving trip

Gulen Dive Resort offers 25+ spectacular wrecks, several truly world-class.

We can bring a range from 8 to 10 divers on the boat depending on the type of dive and plan for the diving.

A thorough briefing will be given before each dive. We will do our best to ensure you get the most out of every minute underwater.

Download the book of GULEN as PDF. It explains everything you need to know about us as a dive location and details on wreck diving options. Share it with your dive buddy’s Gulen Book PDF

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Read more about some spectacular wrecks. The list is an extract of more than 25 wrecks that we have in our area.

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