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Nudibranch Safari…

Nudibranch Safari

Nudibranch Safari

UW photography and nudibranchs

This is the event for you if you shoot pictures or like nudibranchs.  Joining us will lift your knowledge of how to find and identify the different species.

Scientists and nudibranchs

Held in the spring every year, the Nudibranch Safari is hosted by internationally acclaimed experts. If Are there things to know about Nudibranch? the scientists will teach you about identification, behaviour, feeding habits and biology.

Typically, if there are things to know about Nudibranch shooting? The Safari also includes a lecture on how to photograph nudibranchs best. Join us for unlimited nudibranch fun – and experience first-hand the amazing array of species we have on the Gulen house reef!

A great learning experience

Joining a workshop to learn more about your favourite subject is always a good idea. You’ll meet like-minded people who can help you learn more and better understand things, and it is always fun to share experiences. The Nudibranch Safari is no exception! After attending the Nudibranch Safari, you will know the differences between the different species.

Next Nudibranch Safari 23 to 28th of April 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience incredible fun.

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Our house reef at Gulen Dive Resort has probably the highest documented nudibranch species count anywhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
Among our scientific contributions is the discovery of the species Gulenia orjani, Gulenia monicae and Fjordia chriskaugei, all of which were published in November 2017, along with a major revision of the family Flabellinidae.

We have found a staggering 73 species at the Nudibranch Safari since the beginning. Eight of these are marked cf, which is only done when we are certain they are not the regular species (which is then not checked on the list). We try to keep them cf’s to a minimum, but over the years, we have inevitably accumulated a few.

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Scientific fieldwork

There are several things to know about Nudibranchs and the experts who hold the lectures on the Nudibranch Safari are seasoned scientists. Often, the trip is part of their scientific fieldwork, and meticulous notes are taken down when they study the collected nudibranchs in close detail. They will all help you to build up a unique understanding of the subjects during the Nudibranch Safari.

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