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Gulen Dive Resort

The Place for Adventure ...

We are located at the entrance to one of the most spectaular fjords in the world, the Sognefjord. Here you will find natural wonders equally impressive above and below the surface. We are Gulen, Norway's leading dive destination.


Our best offer per day

3 Critter dives

NOK 1490,-

Per day Including accommodation

2 Classic dives

NOK 1790,-

Per day including accommodation

2 Wreck dives

NOK 1990,-

Per day including accommodation

Gulen Tec

NOK 900,-

Per dive extended run time
Lophodoris danielsseni

Nudibranch safari 2015

Top seller

Our spectacular nudibranchs safari in 2014 was fullybooked in record time. Attend our next safari in March 2015.

Read more about the safarie here

NOK 5390,-

/ per person Book room
DS Ferndale and DS Parat

World class wreck diving

Top WWII wrecks

The Sognefjord was of great strategic importance during WWII. We offer 20+ wrecks, several of them are world class.

Read more here

from NOK 10.540,-

/ per person Book room
Capt crab and the starfish

Captain Crab and the Starfish

Super popular among kids

Let your children experience and learn about the sea and sea life when you're on holiday

Read more here

NOK 5500,-

/ per child week Book room
Periphylla Safari Unique experience

Periphylla Safari

Unique experience
The Periphylla jellyfish lives several hundreds or even thousands of meters deep in the open ocean, and is only seen by divers on very rare occasions.

Read more here

NOK 5890,-

/ per person Book room

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