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Tech Diving

Tech Diving

Tech Diving

Want to do some Tech Diving?

We have optimised our centre to cope with your equipment needs and gas handling and hosted numerous GUE, IANTD, TDI and PADI tech courses and events on OC and CCR for the last 15 years.

Let us do our best to fulfil your needs.

Together will we manage a plan to help you to get the type of tech diving you prefer. If you have special demands or needs let us know. We can help with different types of bottles, deco bottles, Sofnolime, gas and technical drysuits etc. Most of this we have onsite, and if there is something we need to order or rent we will do that for you.
You can read about our gas handling here:

Want to plan your own group trip?

Do you have a date for a trip? and want to gather friends to get along? minimum is 6 divers and max 10 depending on the type of Tech diving you want to do etc.

Download the book of Gulen as PDF

The book will give you tons of information about our resort and beside tech diving, and what you can find and more. Share it with your dive buddy’s as well. our goal is to give you inspiration for a trip to Gulen. Gulen Book PDF

Do you want to read more about tec diving? see our wrecks on these pages

Read more about some spectacular wrecks, the list is an extract of more than 25 wrecks that we have in our area.

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