Gulen Dive Resort

How to get to Gulen

How to get to Gulen

If you have no idea where we are in the world, scroll down to the chart below. You will see that we are in the hearts of the fjords of Norway.

Enter your home location and get the fastest route to us.

Fly in to BERGEN BGO Flesland airport

How to get to Gulen the easiest way is by flying to Bergen Airport (BGO Bergen Flesland) There are direct flights from more than 40 different airports in Europe. With the flying time of less than two hours from central Europe, this is an easy and affordable option. Prices are also very good, and many companies offer cheap tickets.

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Hire a car

Once you’ve landed on BGO Bergen Airport in Norway, there are several alternative options, one option is to rent a car and drive up to us, a trip that takes about 2 hours. Check the map for the quickest route to us.

Airport pickup

You can also ask us to pick you up at the airport with our minibus, this suits small groups and upwards. Please make sure you arrange your pick-up before arrival. Our minibus has the capacity to bring groups up to 16 guests with luggage. Works really well and is cheaper than public transport if it is a group of 5 persons or more. It doesn’t take more than 2 hours before you’re at our doorstep. You can book the pickup at the time of reservation.

Speed ferry

If you still having problems with how to get to Gulen Luckily, it’s very easy to get to Gulen Dive Resort also by boat. All you have to do is get on the northbound speed-ferry from Bergen – and you’ll get a free sightseeing on the way!
The ferry terminal is just 80 meters from where the bus from the airport stops in downtown Bergen. Walk on board the ferry, and you will be in Gulen less than three hours after.

Travel with the speed ferry that goes north, between islets and islands. The operator is Norled

The destination place for you to get of is SOLEIBOTN, call us on or tell us that this is your prefered transport and we will pick you up when the fast catamaran arrives.


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