Gulen Dive Resort

Dive boat

Our luxurious dive boat and dive vessel is a safe and spacious platform for our diving activities.

Either it is wreck diving, tec diving or normal recreational diving we are performing, the dive boat is important. It´s not a liveaboard but still, it needs to be comfortable, fast, safe and efficient. Our dive boat has all of these factors, and we are looking forward to taking you for some super diving to let you explore them bay your self

Dive Yacht

Our Dive Yacht is fast, and it helps us to reach our dive destinations in a short period of time, and it is stable in the sea. It has a custom built dive deck that is constructed to give you a smooth preparation to enter the water. We use a dive lift to pick you up and onboard we have also an air-bank with a capacity to refill our bottles between dives.

Dive boat

Our RIB is a 35 feet long (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a fast and very steady option that we use on some dives and locations. It´s reliable and one of the largest and most solid built in Norway.
It has storing capacity and dives leather to get on board, also equipped with a tent so it´s possible to sit inside during the trip.

Diving and safety

All our dive boats are equipped with all modern navigational aids, radar, VHF radio beside all safety aids that are necessary to keep all drivers safe during our day excursions. Of course also oxygen kit in case of emergency.

Watch this small video

MS Vikingfjord round trip

Our dive resort

On the following pages, you can read more about our compressor and blending facility, rental tanks and the dive resort in general.

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