World class macro life

The local currents and underwater topography of our house reef come together in a very special way, creating many different habitats.

Spectacular nudibranchs

The house reef at Gulen Dive Resort is home to a staggering 73 species of nudibranchs – all found in one and the same place. No other place in Norway have more nudibranchs than we do! And who said it was better in the tropics? The number of species have been confirmed by the scientists who take part in the annual Nudibranch Safari which is held every year. Nudibranchs can be found sometimes in the thousands.

Our fishlife

The sandy areas of the house reef are home to several species of rare gobies, and clingfish and snailfish are hiding under rocks and seashells.
Larger predators like cod, hake and pollock are very common, and wolffish and monkfish may be seen at certain times of the year.

Gladiators of the Sea

The crustaceans is the biggest animal group found in the oceans. From microscopic plankton to huge lobster and spider crab they can be found in almost any habitat. tThe house reef has an exceptional diversity of crustaceans – especially in the autumn. You can expect to see lobster, stone crabs, swimming crabs, camouflage shrimp, cleaner shrimp, sea spiders, barnacles, decorator crabs, squat lobsters and many other varieties. Many crustaceans are active at night, so donning your gear a little later in the evening leaves you the best chance to observe them up close and personal.


Small swimming crabs are very common at the house reef of Gulen Dive Resort. They typically hide between small rocks and underneath empty seashells. If you have a keen eye and take your time, your bound to find lots of these cute little fellows.

Echinoderm heaven

For some reason echinoderms seems to love Gulen. There is an abundance of different sea urchins, starfish
and brittle stars, and even some sea cucumbers. We’re especially proud of all the beautiful feather stars found on the house reef. These graceful filter feeders are usually found at 40+ meters, but at the house reef we have plenty of them in just 15-25 meters depth. Sometimes they perch camera-friendly on the kelp stalks, and they may even have small squat lobsters or other crustaceans hiding at the base.

Anemone bonanza

Anemones come in many shapes and sizes. They often have brilliant colors and come in a wide variety of patterns. We find anemones from the surface all the way to the bottom of our deepest dives. Some of them are petite and wax-white in color, others huge and bright pink – or anything in-between. Beneath some anemones you can be lucky and find whole families of tiny, bright red shrimp. Other may offer its stinging protection to a stone crab that has just moulted.

  • Critters & Muck diving

    This package offers the best macro diving in Europe. We have through collaboration with several renowned scientists and specialists documented an incredible diversity. Bring your friends or come alone, we promise you a magnificent diving experience where every dive will offer new discoveries, enjoy

    Photo & Video

    Are you a photographer or like to shoot, you have unique opportunities. We have an average viz water at around 15-18m, where the winter months December January and February offers up to 35m. detailed explanations before dives will give you the correct information needed to choose the right lens etc.


    You can dive this package throughout the year with slight variations in viz, but favorable periods has very good visibility up to 30 meters + in the winter months
    Water temperature is highest in August with up to 22 Celsius and lowest in March with 6 celsius.

  • The package includes:

    • Accommodation in shared twin rooms at Gulen Dive Resort
    • Diving
    • Tanks, weights and air for all dives
    • Detailed briefing
    • Social gathering with other enthusiasts
    • After dive in 200BAR

    Including also all that stands in the page “Booking Conditions”

    The package does NOT include:

    • Nitrox
    • Flights/transfer/travel costs or dive equipment
    • Food (self-catering)

    The package can be extended with:

    • Transfer: To and from airport
    • Food: Dinner served everyday
    • Gas: Nitrox,Trimix and deco gas cost
    • Equipment: Deco bottles and renting equipment
  • Length of stay

    We offer three lengths of stay by default, but we are flexible if you want to make changes. Use our feedback form if you are unsure or have any other questions.
    When booking please be advised that you accept the terms and conditions set on our Booking and payment page.

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