Booking Conditions

Payment of deposit confirms reservation and is therefore required to ensure that you have a confirmed booking.

Personal Information

Gulen Dykkesenter AS treats personal data according to “Law on Personal Data”. Information relating to you as a person will never be made available to other businesses or be connected with external registers.

Brief Information

When you shop at Gulen Dive Resort the payment is handled by STRIPE stripe.comwhich is a secure electronic payment system for Visa and MasterCard / Eurocard. All card information is stored according to the card companies’ regulations.


All prices are in € Euro and shown both including and excluding VAT.

Total cost of purchase

will appear before booking and include all expenses associated with your order


We accept no liability for any misprints in terms of price and information about our services rendered on our website.

Our terms

We remind you that an order is a binding contract, so if you for some reason, cancel or shorten your reservation, you will still be responsible for paying all or part of the amount.


1.Deposit payment is 30% of the invoice total. Deposit must be paid within 30 days after confirmed booking. Online booking: deposit due at booking. Payment details can be found below.

2.Final payment of invoice 1 months before arrival at Gulen.​

If it is less than 30 days to arrival, the full amount due at time of booking.

Deposit payment for groups:

1.First deposit payment is 5% of invoice total. Deposit must be paid within 30 days after confirmed booking.

2.Final deposit payment 25% of invoice total 9 months after booking.

3.Final payment of invoice 2 months before group arrival at Gulen.

Group trips booked for arrival at the same year. 30% of invoice total 30 days after confirmed booking.

Final payment 2 months before group arrival at Gulen.

Cancellation fees:

If you cancel your reservation you must do so in writing, we will then use rules of payment below.

1.Up until 90 days before arrival, we will refund your deposit

2. From 89 days to arrival we charge 100% of contract.

3.You can search this covered by your insurance company if the cancellation is due to illness.

4.If there is an increase in the Norwegian VAT, this will be added to the order.

Visa & MaterCard

Online payment with Visa & MasterCard

We also accept Visa & Mastercard as payment at the resort

Company details

Gulen Dykkesenter AS

Glosvikvegen 134 Nyborg
Phone number: + 47 57784020
VAT NR: 988228230

Account details

Norwegian payments

Account: 3705 18 09263

International payments

Bank: Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane
IBAN: NO8837051809263

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