Breathing gas

We pride ourselves in delivering good air quality.

Breathing gas is important to us. All air is filtered and we keep track of the humidity levels. Filters are of course changed according to the schedule. We pride ourselves in delivering good air quality. Our compressor and filling station was completely rebuilt in late 2013. We have installed a Lenhardt & Wagner silent compressor, which is housed outside the divers area to reduce noise. As a rule, we try to run the compressor as little as possible when the divers are in, and fill the bank while they’re out.

Getting a full tank is easy – just place the empty one in the designated area and wait for it… you’ll be ready to dive again in no time! We have filling station for air, nitrox and any kind of trimix gas, and a huge bank with 300 bar air. We are rebreather friendly, and provide an area where divers can do repairs.

Single and double tanks

Our tanks are standard 15/200 steel tanks fitted with double valves to accommodate those having two first stages. There are also a number of twin sets and stage bottles available, but make sure you check the availability before you arrive.

DIN valves

At Gulen Dive Resort we use DIN valves as standard, but they can be fitted with an adapter if you have a yoke/INT regulator.

Our dive resort

On the following pages you can read more about the dive boat, our compressor and blending facility, rental tanks and the dive resort in general.

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    Periphylla Safari

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    Captain Crab And The Starfish

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    Critter shootout 2106

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