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Lophodoris danielsseni

Nudibranch safari 2016

Top seller

Our spectacular nudibranchs safari is always fully booked in record time. Do not miss our next safari in April 2016.

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DS Ferndale and DS Parat

World class wrecks

Top WWII wrecks

Sognefjord was of great strategic importance during WWII. You can dive 20+ wrecks, several of them are world class.

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NM i UW Foto 2015

Velkommen til NM

Her kan du lese mer om NM og hva som er inkludert i oppholdet. Er du kvalifisert fotograf eller modell kan du bestille plass på denne siden.

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Periphylla Safari Unique experience

Periphylla Safari

Unique experience
The Periphylla jellyfish lives several hundreds or even thousands of meters deep in the open ocean, and is only seen by divers on very rare occasions.

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